Campaign Publishing Awards 2021: Launch of the Year

Media owners constantly have to revise their product mix to keep users engaged and to keep up with the rapid pace of growth in the industry. This award recognises the best launch on any platform, in any format, whether standalone or as a complement to an existing product or product mix.

Campaign Publishing Awards 2021: Launch of the Year


Studio PI: Promoting Equality and Celebrating Diversity, News UK

Studio Pi is a photography and Illustration agency that promotes equality and celebrates diversity among four underrepresented groups: women, people of colour, people living with disabilities and people from working-class origins. It champions artists whose work is not seen enough because of structural inequality and who might otherwise struggle to gain exposure. 

Artists on Studio Pi’s roster were selected by a panel of 50 industry experts via a blind judging process.The aim is for these artists to bring a bold, vibrant new perspective to clients’ creative work and change the way advertising campaigns and brands are perceived. Studio Pi’s mission is to make it easier than ever for brands to commission diverse artists, and to bring a vibrant new look to the publishing industry.

Despite only launching in October, Studio PI has received more than 80 creative commissions including work for Calvin Klein, Samsung, Christian Louboutin, Volvo, Sky, Natwest, The FA, Eastpak, Stylist Magazine, The Guardian & Observer, GQ and Time Out.

Judges said it was a ‘breath of fresh air’ that responded to a ‘desperate need in the industry’ and that Studio Pi offered a ‘very necessary service, and one which addresses a real gap with considerable class.’


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