Campaign Screen to unveil its revamped new directors award

Campaign Screen and D&AD today launch this year's new directors competition and have divided the contest into two categories - professional and non-professional.

The category division means that those without the resources of a production company will not be judged against young directors with that backing.

The Campaign Screen editor, Lisa Campbell, said the decision to introduce the two judging sections was made after last year's competition, when it became apparent that there was an unfair difference between those with resources and those putting their entry reels together under their own steam.

"The competition helps to unearth some impressive new talent as it is open to everyone, regardless of age, background or previous experience," she said.

The D&AD director of education, Claire Fennelow, added: "It became evident last year that even among those with less than two years of professional experience, the level of expertise was very high. We want to support those entrants but also want to encourage those on the first rung of the ladder - those with raw talent and ideas but with no support or funds."

Entrants must submit a reel of their work lasting up to five minutes by 12 July. This can include music videos, test ads, documentary footage or short films and will be shown to a panel of yet-to-be-named judges.

The winners will be actively promoted within the industry and have their work showcased on the D&AD's Getty Images Bloodbank.

Last year's winner of the competition was Carl Erick Rinsch, who had just signed to RSA when he entered. Since winning, he has directed ads for Lexus, Oingy Boingy Jelly Beans, AXA and Sony.