CAMPAIGN SUPPLEMENT ON CRAIK JONES 1991-2001: DIARY - Before they were famous: Craik Jones' stars in previous lives

Our pictures (right) show the dynamic five founders of Craik Jones in younger days. They may have spent the past ten years working their fingers to the bone in the name of direct marketing but, shockingly, they had some semblance of a life before giving it all away in the pursuit of the perfect mail pack.

Top left we have art director supremo Chris Jones in his mullet-wearing days. Next to him, Pamela Craik, his creative partner, copywriter and creative director - pictured on the windswept beach at Southport.

Top right, the grinning bloke with the guitar is, in fact, Jon Voelkel, the agency's planning director. Voelkel has continued his musical obsession, and plays a mean guitar in the agency band.

The bottom two pictures show Craik Jones' more financially minded directors, David Watson (left) and Robin Mitchell (right), in crazier days. Watson is exhibiting his obsession with luxury cars (he currently drives a Jaguar).

Indeed, Watson acquired the nickname 'Lord Watson of Dudley' during his Ogilvy & Mather Direct days. His current country pile is thought to be considerably larger than the student flat shown in the picture.

Mitchell, looking resplendent in striped clown trousers, has apparently lost none of his sartorial elegance. One agency source says: 'Robin is still known for his fashion eccentricity. Instead of trousers he just spends lots of money on bloody awful ties.'