CAMPAIGN SUPPLEMENT ON CRAIK JONES 1991-2001: DIARY - It's elementary, my dear Watson

Forget David Crutton in e, Craik Jones' managing director, David Watson, is even more useless with technology.

Birmingham's finest export has a reputation within the agency for not being fully conversant with technology - though he claims to keep up with developments such as digital TV.

Watson is open about his shameful technophobia. When asked by the in-house magazine M40 what he has achieved in the past 12 months, Watson admits: 'Switching on my Mac.' When probed further as to the difficulty of this, he answers: 'I couldn't find the switch.'

In the staff handbook Watson desperately attempts to convince staff that 'I enjoy receiving e-mails as much as the next person', before blowing his cover by saying: 'If we think about the options before relying on technology we'll have a better agency.'

And it seems 'Watty' has developed other tricks to hide his problem. One colleague informs us: 'Whenever technology comes into the conversation, David pretends not only to be au fait with it, but actually to be ahead of the game. He says things like 'Macs are passe - it's all about nanotechnology now'.'

Sounds like a lost cause to us.