CAMPAIGN SUPPLEMENT ON CRAIK JONES 1991-2001: DIARY - The Voelkels at home with their luxury Hello! lifestyle of pleasure

Relaxing in their palatial Holland Park townhouse, Pamela Craik and Jon Voelkel seem to have found true happiness in this exclusive West London suburb. They proudly point out that Madonna, Elton John and Elle McPherson are all close neighbours. (Though sadly not of Pamela and Jon.)

But how do the Voelkels cope with the pressures of working together in the hectic world of direct marketing? The couple, who were married in romantic Bogota, explain that their secret is to force themselves to take as many holidays as possible.

'The true entrepreneur is always mentally at work,' explains Jon, rubbing coconut oil into his glowing tan.

Favourite hotels include the Colombe D'Or in the South of France and the Anassa in northwest Cyprus. Pamela lovingly recalls how their last stay was cut very short when Jon had to return to London to play in NABS Battle of the Bands. 'I understand how important his music is to him,' she smiles, accidentally kicking one of the many Fender electric guitars which take pride of place around the house.

It's time to go. The housekeeper takes a break from ironing the trademark frayed hems on Jon's chinos and waves goodbye as the Voelkels climb into their Range Rover for the drive to work. Or are they headed for the airport again? Either way, this golden couple are certainly going places.