Campaign talks to Buzz Aldrin: an infinite influencer

Buzz Aldrin is a global icon and infinite influencer who is still making a big impact on the world aged 87. He talks to Campaign about taking a selfie in space, his love for travel and exploration and virtual reality...

Over the last six weeks, Campaign and Greenlight have celebrated some of the world's greatest talents: Muhummad Ali, Sophia Loren, Steve McQueen, Albert Einstein and Buzz Aldrin.

We gathered top agency execs from Ogilvy, TBWA, McCann Worldgroup,Quiet Storm and Mcgarrybowen to discuss their timeless influence and how they can be a force for brands.

In this special feature, Campaign talks to Buzz Aldrin to conclude the series. He walked on the Moon and made world history. He's a former astronaught, engineer and lifelong activist that still pushes boundaries, inspires and educates… at 87.

We asked him about being an influence for so many, his passion for travel and exploration and his achievements in space. 

On his ambitions, Aldrin said: "I’m at the younger part of opening things up rather than having been around for a long time. It’s new, many things are new to people. There’s a lot of experiencing people want to do, not just look at something but experience it themselves. I call that tourism, adventure and travel."

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