Campaign Tech 2020: Best Use of Artificial Intelligence

This award recognises the most effective use of AI for a campaign or business optimisation. Entries must demonstrate a clear understanding of what type of AI was used, how it was implemented, and how it produced demonstrably better results and performance for a brand. AI can be used for website optimisation, data management or even the management, crafting and deployment of online marketing.

Campaign Tech 2020: Best Use of Artificial Intelligence

Google "Discovering lifetime value for Google ads"

Essence built a machine-learning tech that predicts a user’s lifetime value of a Google user with ‘revenue scores’ that are used to optimise bids in online advertising auctions. This is groundbreaking because Google would be able to target an audience based on lifetime customer value, rather than short-term goals such as recent purchases.

Unfortunately identifying customer lifetime value had never been tested before, so Essence had to look in new places for signals outside of the usual pre- and post-conversion interactions. The agency used online and offline conversions and native bid algorithms on Google Marketing Platform to optimise to lifetime value in real-time, along with existing GMP and machine learning products, such as Tensor Flow. Importantly, the system does not use third-party cookies, which will soon be obsolete.

Test results in the Western Europe and MENA regions last year showed an impressive 333% increase in return on adspend and a 23% increase in revenue.


Shell "Ad-Lib & Shell optimise creative mid-flight to 5X VTR" by Ad-Lib Digital

Lexus "Lexus gets emotional with artificial intelligence" by M/SIX

Twitter "Magpie: a 100% AI-driven multi-channel marketing campaign" by Merkle

Malaria Must Die "The voice petition" by R/GA London

Ford "Transforming digital media into business outcomes for Ford" by GTB, Xaxis EMEA and Mindshare