Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Best Use of Data/Insight

This award seeks to recognise innovative brand activity rooted in data-driven customer insight. The winning work will show that data was used not only to solve a problem but also contributed to the brand's overall marketing mission.

Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Best Use of Data/Insight

IBM Watson "AI Wimbledon campaign", Kinetic Worldwide, Mindshare, Ogilvy & OMGDOOH

To celebrate its 30-year association with Wimbledon tennis, IBM wanted to showcase the capabilities of their Watson artificial intelligence during the 2019 tournament. But how to reach people when most matches are played on weekdays and accessing live updates is difficult for Londoners travelling on the Tube?

The answer was a highly complex and surprising campaign that used AI to create highlights packages to broadcast on digital out-of-home. Watson edited action from hours of footage using "unstructured data" (such as crowd noise and player emotions like fist-pumping) and created a highlight clip within two minutes. Every point on all six show courts had to be analysed simultaneously to show the clips on screens across London.

IBM’s brand tracker showed a steep increase in Top-of-Mind Preference scores: from 8% before Wimbledon to 21% afterwards. They also scored a significant increase in Social AI share of voice during the campaign from 14% to 22%.


KFC "Achieving record-breaking CRM for KFC and Iris"

Iris developed a series of insights from a methodical test-and-learn approach that led to a fundamental shift in how KFC uses CRM: from a frequency-driving channel for the brand’s heaviest buyers, to a penetration-driving channel for a broad range of fast-food customers. Email proved to be a particularly powerful tool and KFC increased its email frequency over the year instead of just during key sales windows.
The process helped KFC increase the overall percentage of total CRM revenue from offers, with a much higher redemption rate, without reducing profit. 


Ikea "Boosting brand perception with live insights for Ikea" by Xaxis EMEA & MediaCom

"CRM Dreams" by Code

Direct Line Group "DLG Lifetime value" by MediaCom

Malaria Must Die "The voice petition" by R/GA London