Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Best Use of Experimental Tech

This award recognises campaigns that have resulted in great brand engagement, through the effective use of new technology. In particular, judges will be looking for an application of technology that is genuinely innovative, even if the technology itself is not being used for the first time.

Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Best Use of Experimental Tech

Mastercard "Mastercard live trophy"

This elegant activation to show off Mastercard’s Rugby World Cup 2019 sponsorship expertly combined brains with beauty in an innovative use of sports broadcasting.

Octagon created a way to manufacture a one-of-a-kind trophy at the end of each match during the tournament that was freshly engraved with live-match commentary and presented to the Player of the Match shortly after full-time by a Mastercard ambassador. The trophies were designed by origami expert Jun Mitani.

To enable such new content to be memorialised on the trophy at speed, the ‘live trophy’ was etched with lasers, while the commentary highlights were decided by fans via social listening tools.

EE "World’s first 5G AI stylist"

EE’s effort to blur physical and digital worlds sought to bring high fashion closer to reach for people watching the Bafta ceremony. Dubbed the world’s first "CGI supermodel", an AI-powered avatar named Shudu could cross-reference thousands of retailers within seconds to deliver affordable red carpet fashion to fans, who could then find real versions of the clothes on show via a webchat in which they ‘shop the look with Shudu’.

This activity helped EE show the power of 5G, as the sheer volume of data required to process all this information at speed required super-fast internet speeds with low latency. And it drove 113,000 engagements with EE’s AI Stylist chat, delivering over 2,00 personalised red carpet looks to fans.



Adidas & WeTransfer "Space Race" by WeTransfer

Microsoft "AI cognitive bar" by Momentum Worldwide

Miller Lite "Cantroller" by Unit9

Napapijri "Future Trees" by 1000heads

Safetug "360° experience" by Stein IAS