Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Most Effective Use of Programmatic Media

This award is open to media owners, media agencies, brands or creative agencies that maximised the use of automated media solutions and created memorable campaigns as a result. The judges will look for clever and creative ways of using data and optimising programmatic media deployment to achieve outstanding results for clients.

Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Most Effective Use of Programmatic Media

Twitter "Magpie: a 100% AI-driven multi-channel marketing campaign"

Merkle created a multi-channel campaign management tool that uses AI in real-time to drive personalised, coherent creative based on conversations that are happening on Twitter.
Magpie analyses live Tweet data to detect breaking news and viral topics and uses several machine learning models to identify audiences across multiple search and display networks and who would be interested in a particular trend. The platform then creates customised ads and serves them to the relevant audiences using a bespoke regression algorithm to determine how much spend is needed for each topic.
It means that Twitter can now deploy relevant ads across multiple search and display networks within 15 minutes of a story breaking or a new trend developing. Magpie can now cover up to 1,200 trending topics daily, saving masses of time previously spent on marketing campaigns, while it drove a 33% in conversion rate of engaged users and a 51% decrease in cost per conversion.


Paysafe "Croud & Paysafe: driving global growth" by Croud

Great Western Railway "How the7stars and The Trade Desk’s autumn campaign for GWR say customers falling back in love with train travel" by The7stars & The Trade Desk

Barclays UK "Magnet, needle & haystack: utilising audience guaranteed to capture audiences and evade competition" by OMD UK