Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Integrated Campaign of the Year

Most campaigns now utilise both online and offline channels. This award however is for campaigns that demonstrate both excellence and creativity across a range of channels. The objectives of the media strategy must be clear and must work hand-in-hand with creative to deliver outstanding results.

Campaign Tech Awards 2020: Integrated Campaign of the Year

Planet Zoo "Croud & Frontier: launching Planet Zoo"

This clever integrated campaign maximised a reduced media budget to support the release of Frontier’s new game, Planet Zoo, against a crowded field of rival titles.

The campaign used eye-catching creative assets, such as an ad for Planet Coaster’s in-game drink brand ‘Gulpee’, which drove a click-through rate nearly five times greater than the industry benchmark. It also deployed sequential messaging using in-game footage that enabled creative testing and iteration in order to optimise the campaign at scale. Offline events were exploited, too, such as targeting content related to the new Lion King movie, while placements on digital out-of-home banners were driven by geo-fencing users and tailoring the ad copy accordingly.

By the end of the pre-order phase alone, the campaign had driven 2.5 million new users and 17.9 million video views, with cost-per-action much lower than for previous game launches. Thanks to a well thought-out, integrated launch campaign, Planet Zoo achieved a day-one PC launch record for Frontier, as well as becoming the global number one bestseller on games platform Steam.


Change Inc "Quit cigarettes" by Goodstuff & Craft