Campaign Tech Awards: Winner, Agency of the Year

R/GA is one of the most innovative agencies operating today, finding highly creative solutions to drive its clients' businesses forward.

Campaign Tech Awards: Winner, Agency of the Year


R/GA got where it is today by realising that the agency landscape was shifting, and making radical changes. In 2016 it launched a new model, combining consulting, design and technology, communications, ventures, connected space and intellectual property.

The agency has won awards for its gender equality programmes and has become a hub for its community – supporting women in tech, the London design community, advances in blockchain technology, venture studio alumni and UK start-ups.

In a tough year for the industry, R/GA has welcomed 21 new partners, including Siemens, Swarovski, Givenchy, Amazon, TAG Heuer and Hyundai. It also hired 32 new members of staff and launched the R/GA Berlin office.

But what of its recent campaigns?

It delivered the ground-breaking Searching For Syria  campaign for Google, which has already won two awards tonight.

For Guinness, it developed a data-driven social model that included the first VR experience scientifically proven to enhance the flavour of beer.

For Hyundai, it recognised that performance car ads had been the same for 20 years, so launched the ironic ‘Feel the Feeling’ ads, subverting the clichés of luxury advertising.

For Nike, R/GA used Instagram Stories to give unprecedented access to over 30 players and events, meaning that 112 million fans were able to hang out at home with Ronaldo and his son.

For Siemens, R/GA was charged to reignite the culture and purpose of the workforce. So it built a whole ecosystem – recruitment bots, a job ad builder, a new careers website, a publishing platform, and immersive 360 films that transported people across the globe. This led to a 67% increase in average dwell time on the careers website and a 462% increase in unique visitors.

And alongside all of this, the agency runs an IoT ventures programme, providing start-ups with financial, creative and client relationship capital. This connects R/GA and its clients with the frontline of ideas. As R/GA themselves say: "Innovation isn’t about buzzwords, it’s about people."

Our judges said: "R/GA rocks! This is an amazing year of work."