Campaign Tech Awards: Winner, Best Use of Experimental Technology

Snaptivity sends sports fans brilliant images of themselves at major matches, keeps teams and sponsors happy, and allows fans to watch the action... not their smartphones.

Campaign Tech Awards: Winner, Best Use of Experimental Technology

‘Capturing fan emotions at live events’ by Snaptivity/R/GA

In sports stadiums around the world, including Wembley Stadium, Stamford Bridge and the Molineux Stadium, Snaptivity (a start-up from R/GA’s IoT Venture Studio UK) is transforming the way teams and sponsors connect with fans.

Collecting numerous data points from sensors set up throughout a stadium, AI predicts when and where the next big audience reaction will happen. This triggers robotic cameras, which then capture thousands of candid individual fan reactions, mid-game.

These moments are sent straight to fans, using API and a unique stadium mapping tool. Snaptivity matches every photo to an individual seat number – and adds creative content from teams or sponsors.

For sports fans, nothing beats watching a game from inside a stadium but capturing that excitement on individual phones is difficult, and often ruins the moment. Additionally, as the stadium experience has become more immersive, fans have developed ‘banner blindness’ – traditional sponsorship is less effective.

Snaptivity created a memorable way for teams and sponsors to be part of fans’ live sport consumption while keeping them glued to the pitch, not their smartphones. And a smart user experience drives social sharing in fan communities.

Fifteen photos are captured for every fan in the stadium during a match. As more than 40% of fans in a stadium are sharing every third photo Snaptivity take, they reach 1.2m people each game. They’re using data, IoT hardware and APIs together in a fresh, innovative way.

Our judges said: "This is an interesting piece of technology… it creates frictionless engagement that’s really adding value to the fan experience."