Campaign Tech Awards: Winner, Breakthrough Technology as a Product or Service

SuperAwesome has created a much-needed kid-safe programmatic ad market, putting worried parents' minds to rest.

Campaign Tech Awards: Winner, Breakthrough Technology as a Product or Service

AwesomeAds Kid-Safe Programmatic

It is SuperAwesome’s mission to build tools and technology that enable a safer internet for children, the first area it focused on fixing a few years ago was digital advertising.

Adtech was fundamentally designed for adults – it captures as much personal information as possible to display a tailored ad. Adtech captures tens of millions of pieces of personal data on everyone – adult or child – and shares around the web.

SuperAwesome changed made this child-safe with AwesomeAds, building the an ad server designed solely for the kids' digital media space.

Not only does it mean that kids’ personal data is never captured (it operates on a contextual-only basis), AwesomeAds also reviews ad creative so it is suitable for a younger audience and meets that country's standards.

AwesomeAds filters out trackers so every ad request is compliant, allowing brands to reach hundreds of millions of kids each month responsibly and safely.

Nearly 30% of digital advertisers use the Kid-Safe Programmatic solution now. Kid-Safe Programmatic is now serving in 20 more countries than it was in its first quarter of operation.

The judges said: "This is relevant technology that addresses the growing concerns of parents with children who are online. It’s relevant to our industry, but also culturally important to consumers."