Campaign video - behind the scenes at T-Mobile's new shoot

LONDON - Liverpool Street Station was today turned into a flash mob event by T-Mobile, with hundreds of disguised dancers breaking into a spontaneous dance routine.

The mass dance-off was filmed by ten hidden cameras as part of a new "Life's for sharing" TV campaign for T-Mobile, created by Saatchi & Saatchi.

The ad will go on air during Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 4 tomorrow night.

In a homage to the recent "Flash-mobbing" trend that has spread across social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, a lone commuter began dancing along to a music track that blared over the stations tannoy.

As the track progressed, more and more dancers, all of whom had learned the dance routine in advance, joined in, and encouraged members of the public to dance with them.

Watch the video above to see scenes from the shoot, along with interviews with key Saatchi & Saatchi staff who worked on the ad.