Campaign video - Digital Essays 2009 - Introduction

LONDON - Suzanne Bidlake introduces Campaign's Digital Essays 2009.

John Owen of Dare
John Owen challenges agencies to throw caution to the wind to boost ideas and creativity.

Andy Rogers of etv online
Give away digital for free? In a recession? It should be done, according to Andy Rogers of etv online.

Katie Streton, ImaginationKatie Streten of Imagination

Katie Streten believes digital can help brands lift the gloom.

Annette King of OgilvyOne
This is not the time to play it safe. Experimentation is crucial, Annette King of OgilvyOne London argues.

Adam Graham of Saint
Adam Graham of Saint reveals how digital can earn its place at the top table.

Alex Marks of Ebay
Video interview with Alex Marks of Ebay.

Campaign video - Digital Essays 2009 - Mark Howe of Google UK

Video interview with Mark Howe of Google UK.


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