Campaign Viral Chart: Audi's depressed T-Rex is most shared ad of the week

Audi's video about a T-Rex who is sad about being ridiculed for his short arms topped this week's chart of most viral ads.

Audi was also number one on the chart last week with a 380-degree video showing off the experience of driving one of its cars.

1. Audi "The comeback" by Razorfish (125,251 shares)

2. Johnson’s Baby India "#HowWeSleep" (118,920 shares)

3. Starbucks "A warrior’s workout" by Panoply (82,054 shares)

4. PlayStation VR "VR worlds" (51,957 shares)

5. Audi USA "Live to drive" by Venables Bell & Partners/MJZ (44,125 shares)

6. Geico "Lemonade not Ice T: It’s not surprising" by The Martin Agency (42,768 shares)

7. "Middle lane hoggers" (38,216 shares)

8. Nike Football "Colour rush" (35,185 shares)

9. Salvation Ferragamo "UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo" (30,564 shares)

10. Mercedes-Benz "Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster – Open-top driving performance" (29,994 shares)

This chart was compiled by Unruly.