Campaign Viral Chart: Down Syndrome future mom ad doubles shares

Coordown, the Italian Down Syndrome charity, has achieved the most-shared ad status this week, beating Wren Studio's "first kiss", which has dropped seven places after two weeks at the top.

Coordown: Down Syndrome awareness ad takes top spot
Coordown: Down Syndrome awareness ad takes top spot

The Coordown ad, created by Saatchi & Saatchi Italy, shows people with Down Syndrome offering advice to a mother who is expecting a baby that has been diagnosed with the syndrome. At the end of the two-minute video, the speakers’ mothers join them on screen.

This week, the ad was shared 516,589 times – almost double its total last week.

"First kiss", which was created by Tatia Pilieva, ranks seventh this week. The ad, which shows supposed strangers kissing for the first time, was shared 51,453 times in the past seven days.

Elsewhere, an ad for Durex, created by TMW, was shared 83,262 times this week. The ad promotes the condom brand's #turnofftoturnon campaign around Earth Hour, in which consumers are encouraged to turn off all electricity for one hour.

The video features couples in romantic settings being distracted by smartphones and tablet devices, before rediscovering each other and turning off their devices. They then retire to their bedrooms where the lights are turned off.

The ad then shows lights across famous landmarks, such as the Houses of Parliament and the Taj Mahal, being extinguished. It was shared 83,262 times this week and ranks fourth in the chart.

The chart is collated and ranked based on data provided by Unruly lists ads on YouTube by the number of shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. Ads older than 30 days are not included.

1. Coordown "dear future mom" by Saatchi & Saatchi, Italy

516,589 shares this week | 702,987 shares all-time

2. Samsung "samsung galaxy s5 : official hands-on" created in-house

188,135 shares this week | 381,693 shares all-time

3. Chanel "she's not there" by Joe Wright

187,624 shares this week | 192,624 shares all-time

4. Durex "durex #turnofftoturnon - official" by TMW

83,262 shares this week | 85,196 shares all-time

5. Twentieth Century Fox "peanuts" created in-house

79,833 shares this week | 190,514 shares all-time

6. Pepsi "unbelievable" by AMV BBDO

78,432 shares this week | 78,432 shares all-time

7. Wren Clothing "first kiss" by Tatia Pilieva

51,453 shares this week | 1,416,452 shares all-time

8. Samsung  "samsung gear 2, samsung gear fit : official hands-on" created in-house

44,699 shares this week | 120,268 shares all-time

9. Assassin's Creed "assassin's creed unity sneak peek video" created in-house

32,303 shares this week | 32,303 shares all-time

10. Battlefield "battlefield 4 naval strike official trailer" created in-house

21,188 shares this week | 29,484 shares all-time