Campaign Viral Chart: Emotional Thai mobile ad tops chart

True Move, the Thai mobile operator, tops this week's chart with an emotional ad that has been shared 701,396 times in the past seven days.

True Move: Thai mobile operator tops this week's chart
True Move: Thai mobile operator tops this week's chart

The ad has now been viewed on YouTube more than 9.5 million times. It features a doctor who repays a childhood debt by paying the medical bills of a seriously ill patient who helped him out 30-years earlier.

The three-minute ad has picked up most of its shares from Facebook, where it has been mentioned in more than 870,000 status updates.

Phonebloks takes second place with a spot about making mobile phone upgrades and personalisation more environmentally friendly. It has been shared 364,181 times this week.

The ad has been created in-house and describes how the company intends to manufacture mobile phones with easily removable "blocks", which allow users to upgrade and customise their devices without having to buy a new phone.

It calls on consumers to lobby businesses already in the mobile industry to support the idea.

An ad for Poopourri takes third place. The product claims to eliminate bathroom outdoors and has been shared 297,533 times.

The video, created by The Harmon Brothers, claims "girls don't poop" in a comical ad to promote the product.

Meanwhile, ads for Guinness, LG, Diora me Ea Sports remain in the chart for another week.

The chart, based on data provided by Unruly, ranks ads on YouTube by the number of shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. Ads older than 30-days are not included.

1. TrueMove "30 years"

701,396 shares this week

All time: 896,287 shares


2. Phonebloks "phonebloks" created in-house

364,181 shares this week

All time: 888,596 shares


3. Poo Pourri "girls don't poop" by The Harmon Brothers

297,533 shares this week

All time: 442,595 shares


4. Chipotle "the scarecrow" by CAA Marketing

258,157 shares this week

All time: 296,627 shares


5. Guinness "basketball" by BBDO

83,730 shares this week

All time: 498,375 shares


6. Samsung "introducing samsung galaxy note 3" by In-House

73,000 shares this week

All time: 346,576 shares


7. EA Sports "we are fifa 14" by Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam

47,228 shares this week

All time: 207,836 shares


8. LG "what would you do in this situation?" by SuperHeroes

42,600 shares this week

All time: 577,651 shares


9. Dior "dior homme" by Iconoclast

35,216 shares this week

All time: 152,857 shares


10. Volvo "the hamster stunt" created in-house

32,433 shares this week

All time: 50,263 shares