Campaign Viral Chart: Mercedes chicken ad enters chart

Mercedes-Benz's light-hearted new ad featuring a chicken keeping its head still while its body is moved around, has entered the Campaign Viral Chart this week.

Mercedes: chicken ad enters chart
Mercedes: chicken ad enters chart

The Mercedes-Benz ad, "magic body control" by Jung von Matt/Neckar, shows white-gloved hands moving the chicken around. Despite its body going in different directions, the chicken’s head does not move.

The ad enters the chart in number four and has been shared 92,860 times this week.

Another new entry was the seventh in the "Inside Chanel" series. The film tells the story of the designer brand's founder Gabrielle Chanel and has been shared 96,149 times this week, putting it in third place.

Poo-Pourri, a new product claiming to get rid of nasty toilet odours, has moved up to second place in the chart, but was not able to topple the heart wrenching ad from Thai phone operator TrueMove from the top.

In the light-hearted ad by The Harman Brothers, a glamorous woman in a fifties-style dress explains how if you spray Poo-Pourri before you go to the toilet, it will prevent you leaving any nasty smells behind.

A video to describe Phonebloks, Dave Hakkens’ idea of how mobile phones should be built so they can be customised and repaired, remains in the list, although it has slipped from second to fifth place.

Ads for Samsung and Guinness, as well as LG’s film featuring job applicants being scared by asteroids shooting towards them on realistic screens, also stay in the list from last week.

The chart, based on data provided by Unruly, ranks ads on YouTube by the number of shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. Ads older than 30-days are not included.

1. TrueMove "giving" by unknown/in-house

280,822 shares this week

All time: 1,119,344 shares


2. Poo Pourri "girls don't poop" by The Harmon Brothers

230,912 shares this week

All time: 636,262 shares



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Chanel "Gabrielle Chanel" created in house.

96,149 shares this week

All time: 114,778 shares


4. Mercedes-Benz "magic body control" by Jung von Matt/Neckar

92,860 shares this week

All time: 168,497 shares


5. "phonebloks" by Dave Hakkens

75,586 shares this week

All time: 952,528 shares


6. Chipotle "the scarecrow" by CAA Marketing

75,410 shares this week

All time: 359,054 shares


7. Chipotle "Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + gear: official first hands-on" by CAA Marketing

45,333 shares this week

All time: 250,657 shares


8. Samsung "introducing Samsung Galaxy Note 3" by in-house

42,553 shares this week

All time: 387,259 shares


9. Samsung "guinness basketball commercial" by BBDO New York

36,036 shares this week

All time: 530,251 shares


10. LG "ultra reality: what would you do in this situation?" by Superheroes

21,793 shares this week

All time: 596,637 shares