Campaign Viral Chart: Minions take top spot

The trailer for 'Star Wars: Episode VII - the force awakens' takes second place in the Campaign Viral Chart this week with 530,000 shares.

The Minions: Despicable Me characters lead the Viral Chart
The Minions: Despicable Me characters lead the Viral Chart

A Christmas ad for the AMC cinema chain featuring the Minions, the spin-off characters from the film Despicable Me, is in the top spot of this week's Campaign Viral Chart.

Sainsbury's "Christmas Is for sharing" ad by AMV BBDO stays in the chart at number seven with more than 40,000 shares this week.

The chart has been compiled by Unruly. Ads over 30 days old are not included.

1. AMC "Hey minions fans!" by In House

1,413,722 shares this week | 3,661,453 shares all-time

2. Star wars Trailer "episode vii - the force awakens" by In house 

539,656 shares this week | 905,187 shares all-time

3. NTT DoCoMo by In House 

272,516 shares this week | 486,401 shares all-time

4. Westjet "christmas miracle: spirit of giving" by In House

215,346 shares this week | 215,346 shares all-time

5. Edeka "kassensymphonie" by Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg

158,211 shares this week | 160,474 shares all-time

6. Animals Australia "people being awesome" by In house 

61,097 shares this week | 2,832,948 shares all-time

7. Universal Pictures "jurassic world official trailer" by In House

59,601 shares this week | 403,743 shares all-time

8. Sainsbury's "Christmas is for sharing" by AMV BBDO 

40,284 shares this week | 619,382 shares all-time

9. Foot locker "week of greatness 2014 - it's real feat. john cena" by In house

31,704 shares this week | 234,271 shares all-time

10. Emc "jump a truck over a lotus f1 car - #redefinerecords" by In house 

10,058 shares this week | 153,987 shares all-time