Campaign Viral Chart: Pandora hits top spot

An ad by Pandora, the jewellery retailer, which features an experiment with young blindfolded children who pick their mother out a line-up of women, has reached the top of the chart.

Pandora: takes the top spot in this week's Viral Chart
Pandora: takes the top spot in this week's Viral Chart

1. Pandora "the unique connection" by Malling Publications

The new entry to the chart has been shared 86,853 times this week. It is an emotional experiment showing the bond between a mother and her child.

2. Cornetto "Yalin - Benimki" by Cornetto

This film features young people enjoying a Cornetto at a music concert. A couple lock eyes at the gig and the man grabs a Cornetto for the girl and makes it to the stage to get her attention.

It has been shared 71,901 times in the past week.

3. Hyundai "a message to space" by Innocean Worldwide

The film follows a girl who misses her father, an astronaut on the International Space Station. With the help of Hyundai, she gets the chance to deliver a message to him. The company uses its cars to shape the message in sand.

The ad has been shared 65,060 times in the past week, and was in seventh place last week.

4. Dove "choose beautiful" by Ogilvy & Mather

Dove asked women around the world to choose a door with the words "average" or "beautiful" displayed on them.

The women who chose "average", discuss their decision, change their minds and then walk through the "beautiful" door.

The ad has been shared 45,513 times in the past week.

5. Turkish Airlines "startup class" by eFabrika

The ad uses humour about entrepreneurs to tell people that it now flies to San Francisco. It features two men on a flight talking about start-up businesses and how they are inspired by the companies at Silicon Valley, as opposed to Gandhi or Martin Luther King.

As they speak other entrepreneurs board the "start-up class" with large objects such as a ping pong table or a bicycle.

Towards the end of their conversation they discuss the possibility of dating a drone. The ad has been shared 26,546 times in the past seven days.

6. Heineken USA "inside the UEFA Champions League trophy tour"

The company is taking the European football trophy around the US and the film shows fans and footballers talking about the importance of the tournament. It has been shared 19,449 times this week.

7. Nike Women "better for it – inner thoughts" by Wieden & Kennedy

The ad follows women exercising and portrays what they think as they are running, spinning or using free weights. It has been shared 15,909 times this week.

8. Unilever "flavour of home" by DLKW Lowe

The emotional ad for Unilever's Knorr brand makes another appearance in the chart. It shows a mother surprising her daughter in the Arctic with a home-cooked roast dinner. The film has been shared 15,401 times.

9. Adidas "here’s to the takers" by 72andSunny

The spot shows people taking part in different competitive sports giving it their all to win. It has been shared 15,318 times this week.

10. Netflix "Orange is the New Black – season three – official trailer" by Netflix

The two-minute spot was in the top spot last week and gives fans an exciting insight of what to expect. It has been shared 10,213 times in the last seven days.