Campaign Viral Chart: Toyota's Back to the Future ad leads

This week Marty McFly and Doc Brown have dominated the Viral Chart with ads for Toyota and Pepsi.

1. Toyota "fuelled by the future" by Droga5

This week, movie fans (and brands) celebrated  21 October 2015 - the date Marty McFly, played by Michael J Fox, travels to from 1985 in the movie Back to the Future: Part II.

Droga5 produced this film for Toyota which sees Fox and co-star Christopher Lloyd musing on how things have changed (and not changed) in the real-life 2015 versus the movie's portrayal. 

This video has been shared 112,285 times in the past week.

2. Barbie "imagine the possibilities" by BBDO

Imagine the possibilities...

Posted by Barbie on Monday, October 19, 2015

"What happens when girls are free to imagine they can be anything?" asks this charming video for the Mattel doll brand.

It features young girls coaching a male sports team, in corporate suits, and teaching at university. 

The ad has been shared 83,875 in the past seven days.

3.  Extra "Extra Gum: the story of Sarah and Juan"

Last week's number two remains in the top three. It's a love story that has a very important role for a gum wrapper and is guaranteed to put a lump in your throat. It has been shared 65,878 in the past week.

4. Toyota "diner" by Droga5

Basically a shorter version of the number one entry by Toyota. It still managed to garner 46,901 shares.

5. Pepsi "the future is now" by Davie Brown Entertainment

Another Back to the Future inspired ad by Pepsi. This fictional Pepsi Perfect brand was served in an 80s diner in the movie. It even features a hoverboard, arguably the one invention in the movie that everyone wishes could have become a realistic mode of transport by now.

This video has been shared 27,530 and was last week's number five.

6. Mercedez-Benz "the uncrashable toy cars" by Jung von Matt/Alster

Safety features aren't always easy to promote in a 60-second spot in a light-hearted way, but this ad has a good go by drawing the user in with lots of toy car smashing. It's all about the C-Class's Brake Assist System PLUS, as you'll see. 

This vide has been shared 21,665 times.

7. BMW "the first-ever BMW M2" 

Rock and roll music, lots of new features to show off - one for car lovers. It has been shared 20,123 times.

8. Lucky Charms (General Mills) "Lucky Charms marshmallow only" by Saatchi & Saatchi New York"

The rapper Biz Markie delivers a fiendishly out-of-tune rap to sell a promotion for the cereal brand. Garish stuff. It has been shared 18,876 times.

9. Rockstar: "GTA online: Lowriders trailer" 

This one comes with an age restriction, as you'd expect from a Grand Theft Auto game, which contains all the usual gangster fare - guns, swears and criminal violence. It has been shared 6,894 times.

10. Kia "2016 Kia Sorento: built for football families" by David&Goliath

A father is less than pleased when his son wins a participation trophy after playing in an American football match. He rips off the word "participation" and replaces it with "champs". Thanks dad. 

This video has been shared 6,414 times.

This list was compiled by Unruly.