Campaign Viral Chart: Van Damme's 'epic split' knocks John Lewis off top spot

Volvo Trucks' ad starring Jean Claude Van Damme has bested John Lewis's Christmas ad this week after being shared almost two million times in the past seven days.

Jean Claude Van Damme: Volvo ad knocks John Lewis off the top spot
Jean Claude Van Damme: Volvo ad knocks John Lewis off the top spot

The ad, created by Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors, starts with a close-up of Van Damme and a voiceover from the big screen star, saying: "I've had my ups and downs, my fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds."

The camera then pans out to reveal Van Damme is standing on the wing mirrors of two moving Volvo trucks. The ad aims to promote the precision and directional stability of the brand’s trucks.

Van Damme, who also appears in ads for Coors Light, performs his trademark splits as the trucks slowly move apart to a soundtrack by Enya.

Shared 1.9 million times this week, it far outpaces John Lewis's "the bear and the hare" Christmas spot, created by Adam & Eve/DDB, which is in eighth position. In its first weekend, there were 50,000 tweets about the ad, 84 per cent of which were positive.

The animated John Lewis ad adds a further 116,725 shares to its all-time total this week.

In second position, Kmart, the American retailer, becomes the second brand this year to have a Christmas ad in the most-shared listing.

Shared 1.1 million times this week, "show your joe" features a line-up of six men in tuxedo jackets play the Christmas tune 'Jingle Bells' by wiggling in boxer shorts.

The ad joins a string of successful viral ads for the retailer created by agency DraftFCB, including "ship my pants" and "big gas savings"

The chart, collated and ranked by Unruly, ranks ads on YouTube by the number of shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere. Ads older than 30 days are not included.

1. Volvo Trucks "the epic split" by Forsman & Bodenfors

1,936,645 shares this week

All time: 2,342,324 shares

2. Kmart "show your joe" by Draftfcb

1,135,408 shares this week

All time: 1,152,359 shares

3. Universal Pictures "a maldição de Chucky" created in-house

485,204 shares this week

All time: 520,716 shares

4. Google "reunion" by Ogilvy India

303,017 shares this week

All time: 777,774 shares

5. NBA "jingle hoops" by GS&P

254,281 shares this week

All time: 360,905 shares

6. EA "Need for Speed" created in-house

162,380 shares this week

All time: 715,638 shares

7. GoldieBlox "princess machine" by Creative Brett Doar

162,337 shares this week

All time: 175,529 shares

8. John Lewis "the bear & the hare" by Adam & Eve/DDB

116,725 shares this week

All time: 786,290 shares

9. Foot Locker "all is right"

68,467 shares this week

All time: 91,347 shares

10. Russian Olympic Committee "Russia 2014" by Havas Sports & Entertainment Russia

38,366 shares this week

All time: 100,529 shares