CAMPAIGN.I: BMW uses superstitial for latest online ad

BMW is launching the second creative phase of its online

advertising campaign, created by WCRS and planned and bought by Zenith

Interactive Solutions, next week.

The ad campaign is for the BMW M3 car, and is aimed at BMW enthusiasts,

opinion formers and motoring journalists. The main creative execution is

based on a press ad for the car. It uses superstitial advertising

technology, which runs as a short animated sequence in a pop-up box as a

user waits for a new web page to download.

The online ad, which will run on,, and, opens with a seismograph needle on a

Richter scale fluctuating wildly to an earth-shaking roar. The line on

the seismograph scale transforms into a rocky landscape which pans round

to picture the M3, and then the words 'What else would you expect from a

car designed by a man called Richter?' appear.

According to Anson Harris, the copywriter on the account, BMW is

dedicating a greater chunk of its marketing budget to online media this

year than it did in 2000.

Harris said: 'We're really trying to push the boundaries because things

are more flexible in terms of what you can do and say online compared

with offline communications.'

Nick Hart, BMW's brand communications manager, said: 'This creative work

demonstrates the ability of the web to deliver impactful and interesting

through-the-line creative in a very BMW way.'

The first phase of BMW's online advertising ran in October last year. It

was created by Paul Banham, Steve Vranakis and Anson Harris and was for

the BMW Five Series.