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How much can you remember from 2014? Take part in our Christmas quiz and find out...

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Simon Sherwood left Bartle Bogle Hegarty this year after 32 years. Which number employee was he at the agency?




Lean Mean Fighting Machine was acquired by M&C Saatchi this year. What is the creative partner Dave Bedwood famous for putting in a vice?

Someone else's penis

His Balls

His Penis

A group of rebel shareholders managed to hold up Lake Capital's acquisition of Engine. How many were there?




Stef Calcraft announced that he finally leaves Mother in March 2015, two-and-a-half years since cashing in his shares. How much money did he make from the deal?




The Imbetweeners 2 proved to be the cinema hit of the year. How much did it take on its opening week?




Nils Leonard wrote a controversial blog about female creatives that attracted some abusive comments. However, who was quick to spring to his defence?’

Bonnie Greer

Lindsey Clay

Cindy Gallop

The England rugby legend Lawrence Dallaglio set up BBH Sport this year. How many caps did he win for his country?




A little-known fact is that Dallagio was also once a chorister. On which 80s pop ballard did he perform?

We don't need another hero by Tina Turner

Total Eclipse of the heart by Bonnie Tyler

Hello by Lionel Richie

Lynda Bellingham sadly died this year after a battle with cancer. How many Oxo ads, made by JWT, did she appear in?




Adam & Eve/DDB picked upfour Grands Prix in Cannes for 'sorry, I spent it on myself' for Harvey Nichols. Who directed the spot?

Daniel Kleinman

Ringan Ledwidge

James Rouse

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