Canada: Around the world, creative style

Judy John, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett Canada talks to Campaign about creativity in the Belgium and shows us an image that illustrates the country's creativity at its best.

What makes Canada rock creatively? Being the underdog.

We are not the US. Not even close. Although we share the world’s longest border, we have one-tenth of the people and smaller budgets. We’re the little brother with an inferiority complex.

Because we’re the underdog, we think differently. We have to be smarter and try harder. We have to be funnier to get attention. We have to be scrappier with our money. And we have to do this while enduring the cold, unforgiving weather. That’s why the work is so good and why we have such an incredible amount of talent in Canada.

That said, I think we could be even better creatively. They say your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness. Our inferiority complex, while it pushes us, also holds us back.

We don’t like to come off as too loud, too boastful or too aggressive. It’s un-Canadian. Our niceness and politeness can sometimes lead us to choose safer solutions, ones that won’t offend anyone or rock the boat.

But never underestimate the underdog. When Canada is at its best, we’re hard to beat.