Caprice steals forklift truck in new Diet Coke promotion

LONDON - Caprice is the latest glamorous blonde to promote Diet Coke in a new television ad where she steals a forklift truck and thousands of cans of the soft drink.

Caprice steals forklift truck in new Diet Coke promotion

The "Destination Hollywood" ad, created by Lowe, backs a promotion by Diet Coke to win a trip to Hollywood and a movie premiere. In the 10-second spot, Caprice is so determined to get her chance to walk down the red carpet that she steals a forklift truck, crashes through a barrier to get out of the warehouse and almost runs down a security guard, who has to jump out of the way to save himself.

Diet Coke previously used the Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger in a promotion to win the life of a film star, in which she complained that she had undergone a string of humiliations to get her glamorous life.

Despite her erratic driving in the ad, Caprice is reported to have been adept at the wheel of the forklift truck -- despite wearing some very high stilettos in the ad.

"I had so much fun making the ad and really enjoyed driving the forklift," she said.

It is not her first flirtation with the commercial world. Caprice was shown with a shaven head in a promotion for Pot Noodles, and made her name modelling Gossard's Wonderbra.

The ads break on October 6, with the promotion running on 160m cans of Diet Coke. Media for the campaign is through Universal McCann.

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