Carat hires Cass for top direct response advertising position

Carat has appointed its first head of direct response since folding

Carat Direct into its central planning and buying agency two years


The former group client director, Martin Cass, will head Carat's direct

response advertising unit, reversing the agency's previous policy of

integrating the discipline into client services.

The move is a response to the growing inclusion of direct response

elements in dotcom ads and interactive TV. In total, Carat billed pounds

35 million on direct response advertising in the past year.

Cass said: "Response-driven advertising is a growth sector as it allows

advertisers to build an immediate relationship with customers. As we're

seeing media fragment, direct response will become more attractive to

our clients."

The agency's new direct response department will be backed by the

response analysis system, Boomerang, which was launched by the agency

earlier this year.