Care International juxtaposes GlobalRichList with The Sunday Times Rich List

Charity Care International has created an antidote to the depression that many readers of the The Sunday Times Rich List likely feel when perusing the fortunes of those far better off than them, in the guise of the GlobalRichList, an online platform highlighting global poverty.


The campaign is going live to coincide with the publication of The Sunday Times Rich List and seeks to invert the feeling that the paper’s list triggers in many readers - that they are super-poor compared to the world’s super-rich.

The GlobalRichList 2015 allows people to type in their annual income and see where they are ranked globally by their wealth, with the result invariably demonstrating that the vast majority of the world’s population are far worse off than themselves.

Site visitors are asked to donate an hour’s worth of their salary to the charity, with donations given before 6 July matched by the government.

Poke London had already created the list, which has attracted 10m visits since launch; but Care has decided to use the platform as the centre-point for its 2015 Life2Live campaign. Life2Live is raising awareness of and funds to combat preventable causes of death in developing countries, from contaminated water to disease spread by mosquitoes.

Care is driving people to the site using social media.

Client: Sarah Taylor Peace, fundraising director, Care International UK

Brand: Care International UK

Agency: Poke London