CAREERS: Company CV - Warner Home Video

Warner Home Video produces pre-recorded videos and DVDs.

Its parent company is AOL Time Warner, whose global companies include Time Inc, New Line Cinema, Home Box Office, Turner Broadcasting, Warner Music Group, and Warner Bros. Warner Home Video UK is part of the AOL Time Warner Video division.

Warner Bros Home Video has operations in 75 territories - more than any other studio - and commands the biggest distribution infrastructure in the global video market. Warner Bros Distribution is the UK film distribution arm of Warner Bros. Warner Home Video owns the biggest film library of any studio.

Warner Bros creates, produces, distributes, licenses and markets theatrical motion pictures, television programming, videos, DVDs and related products.

Warner Home Video is responsible for the marketing and distribution of DVD and video titles.

Warner Bros joined forces with Lycos Europe in September 2002 for an online ad for its film Eight Legged Freaks. Visitors to Lycos Europe portals were greeted by a spider crawling across the page, which then appeared to leap out and smash the monitor screen.

In November 2002, Warner Bros revealed that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets made £55m when it opened in the US, making it the third-biggest opening weekend in history. A further £34m was taken in seven other key countries. In the UK, the film smashed the national record for the biggest opening weekend, taking £9.8m.

In January, Warner Bros Pictures announced it had enjoyed its most successful year ever across the world, achieving an estimated £1bn in international box office receipts.

Blockbuster Video and Warner Home Video reached an agreement in March 2003 on revenue-sharing terms in the UK, ending a stand-off between the companies during which Blockbuster brought none of the studio's titles for sale or rent.

The boycott began in July 2002 when Warner took advantage of European copyright laws to implement a two-tiered pricing strategy for rental and sell-through products, which resulted in allowing it to charge dealers a higher wholesale price for rental copies.


Global turnover $10.0bn (£6.3bn)

Global EBITDA profits $1.2bn (£754m)

Global employees 91,250

(year to December 31, 2002)

UK media agencies

BLM Media, Manning Gottlieb OMD

Warner Home Video (UK)

Adspend (year to February 2003)

TV £7,301,417

Press £2,938,512

Radio £490,830

Outdoor £1,174,502

Direct Mail £117,757

Cinema £728,078

Total £12,751,096

Source: ACNielsen MMS

Top marketers

Claire Guise, Tony Vaughn, marketing directors, Warner Home Video (UK);

Con Gornell, senior vice-president, European marketing and promotions,

Warner Bros Distributors (UK); Ashley Wirasinha, marketing director,

Warner Bros Distributors (UK); Joe Ames, international commercial

marketing director, Warner Bros Distributors (UK)

UK headquarters

98 Theobalds Road, London


Tel: 020 7984 6400

Fax: 020 7984 5001

Web site: