Careers: Salary Snapshot - Age

Although the average age of people in the marketing industry remains 32, marketers in the higher ranks are getting older. The average age of marketing directors has increased from 40 to 42 this year, and those in the oldest 10% are aged 53. Those in the youngest 10% are aged 34 on average.

The average age of marketing managers has increased by three years to 40, and senior product managers have an average age of 36, which is two years older than last year.

Among marketers in the lower ranks, ages have remained more or less constant - at entry level (marketing clerk), the average age is 25. The oldest 10% of all marketers are aged 46 on average; the youngest are aged 25.

Median age by rank

Marketing director 42

Marketing manager 40

Senior product manager 36

Brand manager 32

Assistant product manager 29

Marketing assistant 27

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