Careers: Salary Snapshot - Median basic pay

This week's table suggests that men are better at negotiating salary increases than women. Not only are there fewer women at senior levels in marketing compared with last year (Marketing 13 October), but the pay gulf between men and women has widened across all levels by 3% on average in the past year.

Female marketing directors are paid nearly 3% less than their male counterparts, earning a median basic salary of £67,500 a year, compared with £69,500.

In 2003, this disparity was just 0.8%. But the biggest gap occurs at middle/junior manager level where men are paid 3.5 % more. Parity exists only at middle manager level, where both earn £30,000.


Men Women Diff


Director 69,500 67,500 -2.9

Snr manager 50,000 49,000 -2.0

Snr/mid mngr 38,000 37,000 -2.6

Mid manager 30,000 30,000 0.0

Mid/jnr mngr 24,550 23,690 -3.5

Source: CIM/CRONER R pounds WARD (01785 813 566)