Carling Black Label 'dambusters' by WCRS

WCRS's Dambusters spot for Carling Black Label was a gem in what was a truly sparking campaign.

Not only has it been acclaimed as one of the funniest commercials of the past 40 years but won an elusive D&AD Black Pencil for its director, Roger Woodburn.

The commercial spoofs the 154 film classic about the World War Two raid on the Ruhr Valley dams by a squadron of RAF Lancasters and their bouncing bombs.

In the spot, the bomber is thwarted by some nifty goalkeeping from a Carling-drinking German sentry.

Because the commercial was only for cinema and because, at that time, video to film transfer quality was appalling, Wodburn had to resurrect some old film-based effects such as front projection and optical printers.

This ad was kindly donated by the Arrows Archive, which contains all TV ads nominated for the BTAA Awards since 1977. The archive is maintained by the History of Advertising Trust.