Carlsberg "#AdoptAKeg" by Grey Europe

Carlsberg supports bars in its native Denmark with an initiative allowing locals to "buy a keg".

Set in a desolate bar during lockdown, the ad personifies a lonely keg that asks itself, "where did everybody go", as a single bead of water drops down its cheek (or, uh, its exterior).

The ad ends: "Can we drink today, like there is a tomorrow? Probably". Another video gives beer fans a step-by-step guide on adopting a keg. By scanning the labels of four Carlsberg cans and adding it to the brand's website, people can fill a keg in their favourie pub or restaurant from the comfort of home, earning two post-lockdown pints along the way.

Budweiser has also launched an initiative which allows pub dwellers to pre-purchase their post-lockdown drinks, in support of local bars.


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