Carlton to run interactive ads

Carlton has signed up a host of big-name advertisers to run interactive ads.

Carlton has signed up a host of big-name advertisers to run

interactive ads.

Procter & Gamble, the AA and M&G Securities are all running interactive

commercials. The fourth advertiser - yogurt manufacturer Onken - has

negotiated a programme support deal.

The commercials will air on Carlton’s digital channels, including

Carlton Food Network and Carlton Cinema, from the start of May.

If the trials prove successful, Carlton will expand the service,

bringing on board a range of new advertisers.

The deals were brokered by the Carlton Digital Sales team, which is led

by David Sanderson.

Carlton Interactive has an army of technicians and designers working

behind the scenes to enable Carlton to run interactive advertising on

the ONdigital platform.

The media giant is planning to rebrand and restructure its interactive

department over the coming weeks.

The company’s interactive advertising will continue to be sold by

Sanderson’s team at Carlton Digital Sales, which works closely with

Carlton Interactive.

It is hoped that the service will expand once ONdigital’s internet

service is up and running. This is set to launch in the next few


Fran Cassidy, director of marketing, sales, said: ’This is going to be a

huge leap forward for advertisers and viewers and puts Carlton at the

forefront of technology.’

The ten-strong Carlton Interactive unit is headed by Jane Marshall.

Carlton insiders say that this will be the first in a series of major

developments for Carlton Interactive. It has also been rumoured that

Carlton Online is planning to combine its Popcorn, Jamba and Simply Food

sites into a single rebranded portal.

Carlton chief executive Martin Bowley first hinted at Carlton’s plans

for interactive advertising last week.