Carlton Television in row with Radio Advertising Bureau

A row has erupted between Carlton Television and the Radio

Advertising Bureau over research findings advertised by the RAB.

Martin Bowley, the chief executive of Carlton Media Sales, has written

to the UK's leading advertisers denouncing an RAB ad that claimed: "A

combination of TV and radio is more effective than TV alone." The ad

quoted Millward Brown research that claims a shift of 10 per cent of a

TV budget on to radio can increase advertising awareness by 15 per


The Carlton letter claims that the RAB cost calculations were

misleading, that the 17 brands used in the survey were unrepresentative

of the breadth of product sectors in the UK and that the study failed to

take into account outdoor advertising.

Bowley then used Television Opinion Monitor figures to suggest TV

advertising is more popular than the radio equivalent. "The latest

results show that the percentage of those questioned who responded with

a favourite TV ad was 50 per cent. The figure for radio was 6 per cent,"

he said.

The RAB said it would "defend the research vigorously" to advertisers

and agencies. Justin Sampson, the RAB's managing director, said: "We are

perplexed as to why Carlton is devoting so much time to attacking RAB

output when we're devoting our time to taking our message to advertisers

and agencies."

Defending the research, Sampson added: "Carlton is seeking to discredit

one of the RAB's largest project investments. The research provides a

real insight into how TV and radio work together."