Cast your vote for the best SP Campaign

Walkers, Coke, Tesco, Cadbury - the list of great SP promotions is endless. But P&I has narrowed it down to 50, and now it's time to choose the all-time favourite. No doubt the arguments are breaking out already. Best SP campaigns?

What about Walkers' Money Bags? And Green Shield Stamps? And those plastic daffodils? Yes, we know this is a deeply subjective list, but we did assemble a formidable panel to help decide who should feature in it. The campaigns you see here have been compiled from suggestions submitted by a comprehensive collection of people whose knowledge and expertise in marketing is second to none: our readers.

Opening the shortlist out has resulted in an immense response and we're continuing to get campaign suggestions that are list-long rather than the one push for which we asked. Most suggestions have been supplemented by extremely persuasive arguments on why certain activity really must be included, and we now have many more contenders than the 50 we initially anticipated.

Significantly, your response has illustrated the range and diversity of activity that makes up some of the best SP of the past few years.

P&I carried out a similar campaign exactly six years ago, asking SP's elite to name which campaigns they thought people would remember beyond 2000. In the top three were Shell's Make Money, Heinz's Car a Day, and John Players' Spot Cash; in the top 20 were the campaigns we mentioned earlier - the daffodils, Walkers' Money Bags, Green Shield Stamps, as well as Cadbury's Faberge-like Egg Mystery and Harry the Lime.

Much has changed in six years, but some of these campaigns have made it into the current shortlist for P&I's Best SP Ever search for the ultimate sales promotion. We're looking for the most outstanding SP campaign as voted by marketers across disciplines and categories - in other words, you and everyone you work with.

Thanks to the considerable help of Nigel Owens and his agency, WPP shop Sharpen Troughton Owens Response (STO Response), the shortlist you see on these pages has been posted online at You may not think that every push listed here deserves to be so honoured, but there's every likelihood that there will be one campaign that, for you, outshines all others.

This is the one we want you to vote for online. All you have to do is log onto the website, click on your ultimate campaign and you'll have had your say.

Yes, this is a bit of fun, but more more significantly, it celebrates all that sales promotion has to offer both creatively and to the bottom line, with a demonstration of seminal activity. With your help, we'll be creating an ongoing and pivotal point of reference for both clients and agencies.

- Log on and vote now,

Brand Name: Andrex
Agency: SMP
Campaign: Free Beanie Toy Puppy

Brand Name: Ariel
Agency: Arc
Campaign: Championship Whites

Brand Name: BA
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Campaign: The World's Biggest Offer

Brand Name: Berol
Agency: Perspectives (now Sharpen Troughton Owens Response)
Campaign: World's Shortest Bestseller

Brand Name: Boomerang Media
Agency: Swordfish
Campaign: Hunt for the Golden Boomerang

Brand Name: Cadbury's
Agency: Triangle
Campaign: Txt 'n' Win

Brand Name: Cadbury's
Agency: Triangle
Campaign: The Cadbury's Creme Egg Mystery

Brand Name: Carling
Agency: The Marketing Store
Campaign: Carling Football Stuff

Brand Name: Coca-Cola
Agency: ZGC
Campaign: Coke Auction

Brand Name: Coca-Cola
Agency: BD-Ntwk
Campaign: Win a Player

Brand Name: Coca-Cola
Agency: BD-Ntwk
Campaign: Win Music Downloads

Brand Name: Comic Relief/Sainsbury's
Agency: Team LGM
Campaign: Comic Relief

Brand Name: Daily Telegraph
Agency: IMP (now Arc)
Campaign: Telegraph Fantasy Football

Brand Name: Department of Health
Agency: Iris
Campaign: Sex Lottery

Brand Name: Dove
Agency: Triangle
Campaign: Dove Firming 2004 - Real Women

Brand Name: Dove
Agency: ID
Campaign: Hair Histories

Brand Name: Dutch Meat Board
Agency: Black Cat
Campaign:Smash the £1m piggy bank

Brand Name: Esso
Agency: McCann Erickson
Campaign: Esso World Cup Collection

Brand Name: Golden Wonder
Agency: Logistix
Campaign: Pogs

Brand Name: Heinz
Agency: Dynamo
Campaign: Win a home

Brand Name: Hovis
Agency: Dynamo
Campaign: The Great White Prizes promotion

Brand Name: Innocent
Agency: In-house
Campaign: Supergran - Keeping Little Bottles Warm at Christmas

Brand Name: John Smith's
Campaign: Raffle - Top Prize a Pint of Bitter

Brand Name: Kellogg
Agency: Blue Chip Marketing
Campaign: Wake Up Your Mind - Free Microsoft Encarta Challenge CD

Brand Name: Marmite
Agency: Dialogue
Campaign: Marmite Grid Game

Brand Name: Mastercard
Agency: Arc
Campaign: Priceless promotion

Brand Name: McDonald's
Agency: The Marketing Store
Campaign: Monopoly

Brand Name: McVitie's
Agency: Marketing Drive
Campaign: Maths Stuff for Schools

Brand Name: McVitie's
Agency: Catalyst
Campaign: Dunk for Britain

Brand Name: Nescafe
Agency: Billington Cartmell
Campaign: Love Actually

Brand Name: Nestle
Agency: In-house
Campaign: Charlie and the Chocolate

Brand Name: Peperami
Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas
Campaign: Fanimal - Unoffical World Cup Mascot

Brand Name: Pot Noodle
Agency: Triangle
Campaign: Find a Poodle in Your Noodle

Brand Name: Quaker
Agency: Haygarth
Campaign: Snack Bar Amnesty

Brand Name: Ribena
Agency: TBA
Campaign: Harry the Lime

Brand Name: Ribena/Glaxo SmithKline
Agency: Billington Cartmell
Campaign: Win a Donkey

Brand Name: Sainsbury's
Agency: Team Marketing Communications
Campaign: Feast of Football

Brand Name: Sainsbury's
Agency: Team LGM
Campaign: World Cup Medals Extravaganza

Brand Name: Shell
Agency: Glendinning
Campaign: Shell Make Money

Brand Name: Tango
Agency: HHCL
Campaign: Tango Horn

Brand Name: Tango
Agency: Triangle
Campaign: Tango Football Shrine

Brand Name: Tango
Agency: Triangle
Campaign: Shout Down non-Tango Drinkers

Brand Name: Tesco
Agency: In-house
Campaign: Computers for Schools

Brand Name: Tetley's
Agency: Perspectives (Sharpen Troughton Owens Response)
Campaign: Kick for a Million

Brand Name: Texaco
Agency: HHCL
Campaign: Buried Mercedes cars

Brand Name: Walkers/The Sun
Agency: The Marketing Store
Campaign: Free Books for Schools

Brand Name: Walkers
Agency: The Big Kick
Campaign: Win an iPod

Brand Name: Walkers - Quavers
Agency: The Big Kick
Campaign: Pokemon Giveaway

Brand Name: Walkers/Comic Relief
Agency: The Marketing Store
Campaign: Whoopee Cushion promotion

Brand Name: Weetabix
Agency: Dialogue
Campaign: The Weetabix House