Cayenne launches debut Canon work with £1m Ixus drive

Canon is promoting its Ixus digital camera with a £1 million

TV campaign in the run-up to Christmas.

The campaign is the first work from the newly created Dentsu agency

Cayenne, which took over the consumer Canon account from CDP in August.

CDP, now cdp-travissully, continues to work on other parts of the


In the new spots, the Ixus is marketed alongside a small printer, the

CP10, which can be connected to the camera, allowing the user to create

prints immediately without the use of a PC.

The 30-, 20- and ten-second ads, which break on 16 November, show how

the camera and printers "zip" together.

The general manager for marketing communications at Canon, Jessica

Stevens, said: "We are pioneering this new area of direct printing, an

area in which we envisage rapid growth."

The ads were shot by Matthias Zentner through Velvet and were written

and art directed by David Moore. Media planning and buying is through

CDP Media.