CDP focuses on prices for Matalan campaign

CDP has created a new campaign for the budget fashion retailer

Matalan, which will break nationally on 15 March.

The ads aim to highlight the bargains available at the stores by

depicting shoppers who are so obsessed with the savings they have made,

they feel compelled to inform anyone who will listen.

One execution shows a mother bringing her two children into a doctor's

surgery announcing that she 'wants him to have a look at something'. She

proceeds to take him through what they are all wearing, marvelling at

how little she paid for the garments. The doctor is bemused.

Other spots include a man more concerned with informing the hospital

staff that have just helped his wife deliver their baby of the offers

available at Matalan - leaving the new mother in tears. Another has the

police turning up at a man's house in response to his call that he wants

them to look at some knives that have come into his possession, but he

just wants to tell them how much he paid for them. All the ads feature

the endline: 'Matalan. Savings you just can't keep to yourself.'

'The ads are based upon a product truth,' Simon North, the deputy

managing director at CDP, said. 'We found when talking to Matalan

customers that they would always feel great about the store's low prices

yet great quality products. We've added hyperbole and therefore humour.

In each of the ads a moment of tension is shattered when a shopper just

can't contain themselves any longer and they just have to tell others

about the great bargains that they bought.'

The ads are meant to develop on the previous TV spots which simply

featured shots of the clothes accompanied by the prices - while Jackie

Wilson's Sweetest Feeling played in the background.

The ads were written by Neame Ingram and art directed by Paul


They were directed by Ray Gower through Flying Colours. Feather

Brooksbank will handle media.