CDP Media changes name to Mediahead to show ties to WPP

CDP Media is dumping its CDP branding in a bid to distance itself from the CDP name following the merger of its sister ad agency to form cdp-travissully last June. The agency will now be known as Mediahead.

CDP Media was a joint venture between CIA UK and Dentsu launched in 1993, but the joint ownership switched to 50/50 between WPP and Dentsu after WPP's acquisition of Tempus in December last year.

The name change will not bring changes at an operational level with Peter Thomson, its managing director, continuing to run the 20-strong operation.

Its clients include Honda, Panasonic, Estee Lauder and NEC.

Thomson said the decision to rebrand CDP Media had been taken to remove confusion surrounding the agency's status. It is a media independent offering integrated planning and buying rather than being tied to cdp-travissully's client list.

The decision has been hastened by the lack of common client business following CDP's loss of the Honda creative account last year.

Thomson said: "The new name displays our media independence. It also reflects that we are part of the WPP Group and will allow us to market better without being seen as a media subsidiary of CDP."

"The name reflects a 'Ronseal' approach. We will use media to enable our clients to get ahead and stay ahead of the game,

Thomson added.