Cdp-travissully in final Silk Cut work

Cdp-travissully has drawn on the popularity of comedy shows such as The Office and The League of Gentlemen in a bid to add some dark humour to its final campaign for Gallaher's Silk Cut brand.

The £1.5 million press and poster campaign will break on 15 January and run until midnight on 13 February, when the tobacco advertising and promotions bill will ban all forms of advertising for the sector.

Urban sites will be targeted for the duration of the campaign, with 2,500 48-sheet sites and national press titles booked by the media planner and buyer Walker Media. It will precede a campaign created by the fellow Gallaher roster shop M&C Saatchi, which will break in early February and show a fat lady singing.

CDP's three executions continue the "cut silk" strategy used by M&C Saatchi.

In one, "office", a boss leers at a female colleague over the desk, while she contemplates cutting off his vivid purple tie with a large pair of scissors. Another, "garden", shows a buxom blonde hanging out her purple underwear, to the delight of the man next door. His hatchet-faced wife holds up a pair of shears.

CDP's managing director, Simon North, said: "We wanted to take the core idea of 'cut silk' and give it some personality in order to really talk to the brand's core audience of 25- to 35-year-old smokers.

"Taking the lead from two of the funniest TV shows around, The Office and The League of Gentlemen, means there's a darkness in the ads that not only stays true to Silk Cut's surreal heritage, but will also mean the brand's final campaign will be rem-embered well. People can tell the story in the picture in their head, and we're sure there will be some different versions."

The ads were written and art directed by Tony Burke and Milo Campbell.