Cdp-travissully scoops Aerial for Hamlet ad

The last ever radio execution for Gallaher's Hamlet Cigars has scooped this month's Aerial Award, in association with Campaign.

Gallaher has been a frequent Aerial winner for its Hamlet ads over the past few years. Its swansong features the cdp-travissully creatives Tony Burke and Milo Campbell realising that, as the tobacco ban has rendered their agency's Hamlet account obsolete, they are now out of a job. They deal with this sober realisation by having their very own Hamlet moment.

The ad, entitled "Tony & Milo", was written by Burke and Campbell, produced by Simon Sole and sound engineered by Rohan Young through Scramble Sound.

This month's awards were judged by Nik Studzinski and Gavin Kellet of Saatchi & Saatchi, who commented: "We presume this is the last ever radio ad for the famous campaign. An opportunity to tearfully reminisce over decades of great advertising, or a chance to tell the world you're probably out of a job. Well done to the creative team for coming up with such a relevant execution. Well done to the account team for persuading Gallaher to run such a shameless piece of self-publicity."

Since the creation of the Aerial Awards in 1995, radio ads for Hamlet Cigars have either won or been runner-up 27 times.

One ad, entitled "bummer", scooped the gold award for best radio ad of 2000.

At this year's Aerials, cdp-travissully work for Hamlet won the award for best campaign.

Both runner-up accolades were won this month by the WCRS creative team Tom Burnay and Stef Jones for two executions, "skids" and "liquidity", which form part of the multi-discipline Prudential "Plan from the Pru" campaign.

Both ads were produced by Barney Buxton and sound engineered by Richard Bradbury, through The Tape Gallery.