Cdp-travissully unveils English Riviera ad

Cdp-travissully has launched the 20th execution in its 20-year

campaign for the English Riviera with an ad designed to show the

popularity of the UK resort towns among people in other global tourist


The poster shows an Egyptian standing in front of the pyramids holding

up a postcard book featuring the famous poster created in 1982 when the

agency, then known as Travis Dale, first won the account. The chief

executive, Peter Travis, persuaded hoteliers in Torbay to call the

resort the English Riviera.

The "poster within a poster" idea was devised by the creative director

and managing director, Gill Sully, four years ago. Previous campaigns

included one showing a hunky window cleaner being passed over by office

girls more interested in the English Riviera poster.

The new execution was due to run in the autumn, but Travis said the

campaign was pulled in the aftermath of 11 September because its setting

was deemed inappropriate.

"Pyramids" was art directed by Ruan Milborrow and the photographer was

Dod Miller. Media buying is by CDP Media.

The campaign will appear on 48-sheet poster sites in London and the

south-east in the first two weeks of January.

On the strength of its work for the English Riviera, the agency also

worked on a wider brief from the English Tourist Board to entice UK

holiday makers back to seaside resorts such as Blackpool and Brighton.