CDP's Japan Airlines campaign gets postponed by two months

Japan Airlines has flown in the face of the airline industry's

prevailing winds by launching a new pan-European campaign within two

months of the US hijackings and their tragic aftermath.

A campaign was initially set to roll out across business titles such as

The Economist and the Financial Times this week. However, concern over

sensitivity in the light of events on 11 September has led to the

campaign being postponed until 1 November.

The ads, through CDP, were developed with the aim of lifting JAL's share

of elite corporate travellers. This has been earmarked as a key area of

development for JAL, whose mix of passengers on international routes is

20 per cent business to 80 per cent leisure.

The airline is seeking to persuade European business travellers to use a

Japanese airline when flying to Japan, rather than familiar carriers

such as British Airways and Lufthansa. The ads attempt to do this by

positioning a JAL flight as an opportunity for cultural


The work communicates the airline's features using symbolic Noh Masks,

traditional to ancient Japanese theatre, to draw attention to features

such as Michelin-quality meals, flatter seats and a frequent-flyer

link-up with British Airways.

The campaign was written by Phil Forster, art directed by Tim Brookes

and photographed by Andy Roberts. Media planning and buying is by CDP