Celador subsidiary wins global show

Celador Music & Events, the events production subsidiary of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? producer, Celador International, has been commissioned to produce its first large-scale global televised event, The World's Greatest Singer.

The contest will see 24 countries competing to find the best non-professional vocalist in the world. The final will take place next October with separate feeds to terrestrial TV stations in each of the countries involved.

The World's Greatest Singer is being hailed as one of the biggest worldwide TV ventures with a potential audience of hundreds of millions and the company is seeking to exploit the commercial opportunities on offer. These include title sponsorship, off-air brand partnerships and marketing and promotional partnerships.

"For brand owners, the opportunity to communicate with existing and potential customers is enormous," Adrian Woolfe, the managing director of Celador International, said.

Woolfe added that The World's Greatest Singer format differed from Eurovision or Pop Idol because it focuses on vocal talent rather than image.

Celador Music & Events was founded in October 2003 in association with Griffin Media. Guy Freeman, the originating producer of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and the current producer of The Brit Awards, has been made the managing director of the company.

The final of The World's Greatest Singer will be held in the UK. This will then be transmitted in primetime in the countries taking part.