Celebrating D&AD 50th Anniversary - Potraits of some of the greatest creatives

Photographer Julian Hanford has taken a series of pictures of some of the industry's great creatives ahead of the D&AD's 50th Anniversary on Tuesday.

  • Dave Buonaguidi

    Dave Buonaguidi

  • Gerard Stamp

    Gerard Stamp

  • John Hegarty

    John Hegarty

  • Steve Henry

    Steve Henry

  • Kate Stanners

    Kate Stanners

  • Paul Shearer

    Paul Shearer

  • Alan Waldie

    Alan Waldie

  • Dave Trott

    Dave Trott

  • Rory Sutherland

    Rory Sutherland

  • Graham Fink

    Graham Fink

  • James Lowther

    James Lowther

  • Jeff Stark

    Jeff Stark

  • julian Vizard Al Youn

    julian Vizard Al Youn

  • Charles Saatchi

    Charles Saatchi

  • Robin Wright

    Robin Wright

  • Rosie Arnold

    Rosie Arnold

  • Simon Waterfall

    Simon Waterfall

  • Tony Brignull

    Tony Brignull

  • Nicolas Roope

    Nicolas Roope

  • Paul Arden

    Paul Arden


The Assorted Nuts portraits include Charles Saatchi, Dave Trott, Rosie Arnold, Graham Fink and Steve Henry.

The portraits, which celebrate the period between the 1960's to the mid 1990's and will be sold at an exhibition at Battersea Evolution on Tuesday.


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