Celebrating Steve Henry and Axel Chaldecott

At the British Television Advertising Awards last month, HHCL's Steve Henry and Axel Chaldecott won the chairman's award for their brilliant contribution to British advertising. In this week's issue of Campaign Steve'n'Ax talk about what it was like working together and how they created such a fertile creative environment.

Here's what BTAA had to say about the erstwhile team: "Given that most staff in agencies are under the age of 30, it's fair to say that many of them will have been influenced in their career path by Steve Henry and Axel Chaledcott's creative work, most notably at their start-up agency Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury where somewhat subliminal work for Egg, Maxell, and First Direct mixed effortlessly with the overt "It Does What It Says On The Tin" for Ronseal and the extrovert work for orange and blackcurrant Tango."

Henry and Chaldecott were without doubt a formidable creative team that nurtured one of the most potent and challenging creative departments of the last few decades. Their work was breathtaking and ground-breaking.

But is London adland still a place where this sort of maverick creative genius can flourish? And which creative teams might rise to have the same sort of stature of H & C?