How to make celebrity friends at Huddle

Huddle's not all about chasing micro-pigs and beer - there's also top-class celebrity stalking to be done. Here's an instant eight-point guide from an expert...

How to make celebrity friends at Huddle
1 Don't sit in the back row of a huddle. You need immediate access one its ended. 
2 Constantly reapply make-up to cover the fact that you are melting from heat. 
3 Head to the fabulous blow-dry bar to keep slick. 
4 Crash every huddle where a celebrity is hosting.
5 Tweet them incessantly until you catch their attention or you get a reply. 
6 Don't shout I love you Rick when Rick Edwards walks into the room (who does that?!). Keep it cool. 
7 Have a drink for confidence. 
8 If all else fails hunt them down and tell them you're writing this article. 
Iddy De Viell, account manager, Mindshare