Cerveza Patagonia tests anxiety relief in 'The Mountain Experiment'

The campaign, created by Beta Collective, immersed participants in the mountains of Brazil's Cambará do Sul.

Stress levels have reached an all-time high amid the pandemic, but the secret to reducing anxiety could lie in the mountains. 

Anheuser-Busch’s Cerveza Patagonia, a South American beer brand inspired by the mountainous region of Patagonia, carried out an experiment to see if anxiety can be reduced in the mountains.

A psychologist interviewed 20 participants struggling with high levels of stress and anxiety. Three were selected to enjoy a mountain getaway in Cambará do Sul, located in the South of Brazil. The spot "The Mountain Experiment" follows their experience as they take a dip in the lake, breathe the fresh mountain air and take in the stunning scenery.

The participants’ sleep quality, irritability, self-criticism, compulsive eating, patience and more were measured before, during and after the experiment. The mountains dramatically improved every category tested, showing the power of nature on stress and anxiety.